King Vijayabahu VI
1510 - 1522
AssasinatedKing Buvanekabahu VII
1522 - 1551
AgeingKing Don Juwan Dharmapala
1551 - 1597
King Buvanekabahu VII
House of Siri Sanga Bo | Kotte - (1522 - 1551)
Bhuvanaikabahu VII was King of Kotte in the sixteenth century, who ruled from 1521 to 1551. He was the eldest son of Vijayabahu VII of Kotte, whom he succeeded, and his chief queen Anula Kahatuda.He was born in 1468  and his brothers were Mayadunne of Sitawaka and Rayigam Bandara. After his father married a second time, his new queen brought a son from another relationship called Deva Rajasinghe, who the king intended to pass on the crown to, and Bhuvanaikabahu and his two brothers responded by fleeing the kingdom, and on their return they had an army given by the King of Kandy.
Bhuvanaikabahu VII was succeeded by his grandson Dharmapala. Mayadunne of Sitawaka was his brother.
Grand FatherKing Parakramabahu VIII1484 - 1508
FatherKing Vijayabahu VI1510 - 1522
Younger BrotherKing Mayadunne1521 - 1581
DaughterPrincess Samudradevi -
Son in LawMajor Veediya Bandara -
Fathers Elder BrotherKing Parakramabahu IX1508 - 1510